Florida Land & Lots: The Best Investment Property Choice for 2011?

While Florida land and lots may have been overlooked by many investors in the last couple of years with so many great deals on single family homes and foreclosures, they may just be the best choice of investment property in the next couple of years. Prices on land and lots across the US are at unbelievable lows. This is especially true in Southwest Florida where land is available at prices that haven’t been seen since the early 1980s. Many sellers are offering owner financing at very low rates which makes it even more attractive. This is by far the best time for those who have always dreamed of building their own waterfront palace to grab property in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs area. For those purely looking for investment property the potential for large profits from building later are huge.

Many new investors may be jumping in and trying their hand at rehabbing and becoming a landlord, which can be incredibly profitable but also brings a lot of management and holding costs. In contrast, choosing land as your preferred type of investment, property maintenance and holding costs are minimal and you won’t have to worry about hurricanes or vandalism depreciating your investment. Perhaps the best reason to make the move on buying investment property in the form of land and lots now is the return of builders and developers to the market. Now that they have depleted their back log of spec homes and inventory levels are low, they are now on the hunt for new parcels of land to build homes on. This means choosing land for investment property could result in quick and sizable profits in the very near future. Not only are US based builders and large developers getting ready to make some big moves again, but foreign real estate investors and home builders are also looking at the US and Florida especially for prime property to develop in aiding in their bounce back from the recent real estate slump. There are many advantages to buying land as investment property whether you are looking to flip or subdivide and develop later. Just make sure you get in before the rush. If you do whatever everyone else is doing you may find you missed the best profit opportunities. Look ahead and win big.
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