Famous Lehigh Acres Landmark Gets Revitalized

One of the famous landmarks in Lehigh Acres is its flea market.  With its transformation process that occurred last month, these changes were marked with food and music. Church of the King also provided additional musical entertainment where the church band played some gospel and worship songs.  There were many visitors and guests that joined the tour and celebrations with lasted for an hour and a half.

The Lehigh Acres Flea Market Inc. has become a famous landmark in the city for almost a half a century now.  The celebrations were held in lieu of the changes made in the property due to several code violations that were made in the past.

It is located between the Beth Stacey Blvd. and Homestead Rd.  It is also located near the substation of the Lehigh Acres County Sheriff’s Office.
The manager of the flea market, Mr. Mike Lippke was glad with the outcome of the grand reopening of the flea market which was held last month. Through word of mouth, there were many people who went to site to show their support for the reopening.
Mr. Lippke was also overwhelmed with the show of support from the people who attended the last month’s celebrations and hopes that the flea market would be 100% compliant with the codes that were implemented in the market.
The property owner, Mr. EugenBorosch, also noted that the residents and visitors in Lehigh Acres have shown great support for the flea market and is optimistic that the flea market would stay longer in Lehigh Acres for years to come.
A few months back, the flea market was cited for violations as complaints from tenants received.  Some of these complaints were about the outside structure of the market not being able to meet code ordinances set by the city and fire proof tents required from the vendors in the flea market.

The flea market in Lehigh Acres has been a famous tourist attraction in this city. It is situated facing the Microtel Suites and Inn.  Most of those staying in the hotel visit the flea market especially during fall where snowbirds coming from the south settle in the city.

Mr. Borosch also added that the flea market is not closing anytime soon as this has become a source of income from the vendors in the market and at the same time it has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike.
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