Family Dollar Store in Cape Coral Meets Planning and Zoning Commission

According to the members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, Family Dollar store proposed for Cape Coral Parkway to set another architectural tone. The chairwoman, Patti Martin said, “This is the standard bearer for going east from that point all the way to the bridge,” The commission agreed last week to continue its hearing on the case until 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 20.  That will give the applicant, Boos Development Group, ample time to deal with the commission‘s concerns.

An estimated 8,300 square-foot store will be build at 340 Cape Coral Parkway between. The Boos Development Group plans to build the Cape Coral property between Lucaya Drive and Palm Tree Drive. The said building is expected to complete in five months if the project gets the commission’s approval.

Don Ruane of said that the City staff recommended the approval. Boos’ attorney Chuck Basinet and planning consultant David Depew outlined the project and why it require several deviations from the city’s development codes. These deviations included lowering the building’s height by 10 feet and providing 25 instead of 32 parking spaces. Although, no one from the public is against the project, however, Martin led the charge against it.

Martin opposed with how the building would be constructed and how the plans do not match to the down vision plan adopted in 2010 by the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency.

According to Martin, “As a city we’ve been working very, very hard for years to establish some sort of identity. We want that identity to be a first class village concept, and in many ways this Family Dollar store does add to that,” Martin added, “In general, it is incompatible, this is the main thing, it is incompatible with the land to the east.” The city hopes the land to the east will embody the village concept, Martin said.

Commission member Max Forgey, supported Martin. “This is going to set the tone for the development south of Cape Coral Parkway, east and west of the project,” Forgey said, also noting the number of deviations.
On the other hand, there are individuals who agree with the project and even pointed out how the Family Dollar store can encourage people to walk, ride a bicycle or use public transportation to shop at the store.

Based on the report of Ruane, no one from the CRA attended the meeting to discuss about its concerns with the project, although it was already summarized in a report to the commission. However, Assistant City Attorney Brian Bartos said that the commission couldn’t use the report to make its decision. Cape Coral has one other Family Dollar store. It is still new and it is located at the south of The Home Depot at Skyline Boulevard and Veterans Parkway.
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