Executive Offices with a Twist in Southwest Florida

The concept of business sharing the same location is nothing new especially in real estate of Southwest Florida market. But two different companies are putting a twist into this concept and with more ultra-modern designs.
There are two office concepts that have emerged in Southwest Florida.  One is located Naples and other office concept is located Cape Coral.  These two office concepts are being offered to different companies from small businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial organizations that would require this unique office spaces.
The company behind the office space in Mercato is being handled by the company, Venture X.  This is scheduled to open in October offering a different kind of executive spaces that would fit star-up and entrepreneurial companies.

In this commercial real estate space is envisioned to cover an 8,000 sqft area with high ceilings and modern office furnishings.  There would also be a lounge and reception area and eating area.  There are also meeting rooms where companies can use for meetings equipped with TV’s for video conferences.

In Cape Coral, the company in charge with planning and development of this unique office space is Twelve Twenty Two Executive Suites & E-Center. The founder of the company, Mr. Lubo Silhavy also has similar concepts for these office spaces have been popular in his native Czech Republic.

This 25,000 sq. ft office space located Cape Coral was opened in April of last year.  This vast executive space offers a total of 70 office spaces with difference floor areas from 80 sqft to 250 sqft per unit. The office complex also offers 5 meeting rooms with different seating capacities ranging from 5 seater to 12 seater.  The largest conference room that the building has can accommodate 50 people.

This opportunity for the company as many company had to close their offices but not all companies had to completely close down.  They would still need some office spaces for their business to operate daily
There has been an emerging market for executive suites that are rented and secretarial services are shared, though this concept has been around the market for decades.

All businesses whether into construction, real estate companies and companies from different industries are feeling the effects of the economic crisis ye these companies would still like to retain their presence in their industry and continue with their operations.

This has been popular with different companies as the building currently has 26 tenants from different industries in the market.
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