European Currency Helps Bring SWFL Real Estate Back to Life

Ongoing good news abounds for the Southwest Florida Real Estate market as its value continues to appreciate since 4th quarter 2011 to present. To add to an already promising outlook for the future of the real estate market in sunny Southwest Florida, a larger than normal interest from buyers from Europe, particularly Germany, are finding great interest in the SWFL region. Many of the European investors find that once they learn more about the area they are compelled to purchase properties.

Real estate experts see this as a very good opportunity with the problems arising in some of the countries in Europe which are prompting investors to place their money in homes within areas such as this and more specifically, Cape Coral homes.

An international property specialist in Cape Coral, Monika Wilson recently met with a group of German investors where the former had presented a $350,000 Cape Coral home. Wilson has been seeing a lot of these investors lately in FL. All buyers are interested to add these properties in southwest Florida to their portfolios. Wilson noted that in years prior the buyers were approximately 70% U.S. buyers and approximately 30% European, whereas now the tables have turned and it’s now reversed.

One German investor noted recently that with the current conditions in Europe where the currency continues to decrease in value, property values are dropping and the job markets are in a critical plight.

With these conditions being experienced in Europe, investors are trying to protect their hard earned Euros. These investors realize that it would make more sense to diversify their investments in other foreign currencies and property investments. With the U.S. dollar still gaining ground than other currencies it’s a clear indication that the U.S. economy is on better ground than European market.

With the European market on unstable ground and foreign investors taking advantage of the lower prices in SWFL to diversify their portfolios, it all helps the overall picture of the health of the real estate market and the economy of the region.
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