Don’t Panic if You Can’t Access Funds on Auction Day!

As a free service to our clients, Carney can hold full purchase funds in our escrow account in the event that you don't think you'll be able to gain access to your funds on the date of auction or immediately after. This happens with many of our professional clients who are busy traveling or just don’t have time to stop everything and order a bank check or wire funding during the day.

Deposit funds are held with the Clerk of Court and any full balance funds can be held there or in our brokerage escrow account. Return of funds from the Clerk can take up to two weeks vs. same day with our Brokerage Escrow; so many clients prefer to have funds here. This is a State monitored real estate brokerage escrow account and cannot be comingled with any other funds so your money is safe and accounted for at all times. Currently, we hold millions of dollars for hedge fund and private equity clients with standing purchase orders if after they vetted us through a microscope (seriously, we gave retina scans and other samples we’re not proud of for this and passed).

We don’t care where you put the funds, we just don’t ever want to see a client default because the miss the payoff deadline. If you still have any questions, call your auction concierge and they will be happy to explain this further.

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