Does Carney Still Buy Investment Property?

Absolutely! Carney Properties & Investment Group is still on buying investment property and is still the largest investor in Southwest Florida! Believe it or not, even by providing unbiased, transparent and accurate information on all upcoming properties, there are still great deals left to be purchased after our clients are done bidding. In many cases if our client is out bid, and a non-Carney investor begins winning an auction, Carney will come over top to drive up the outside investor and try to secure the property for our own portfolio.

It is important to understand that we NEVER bid against our investor clients. We found through our years of experience and over 1300 acquisitions, that ultimately the investor with the best plan for any specific property will win the bid. Our systems, data and resources equip our clients to generate the best asset plans possible in the least amount of time making many of them the most successful investors in our marketplace.
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