Demolition Ongoing In Fort Myers to Pave Way for New Businesses

When an estate reaches the total obsolescence stage, in which it is physically exhausted or it has little or no value as they stand, clearance and redevelopment often follows quickly. In the center of old towns, there are a number of estates and properties that have passed through a series of life cycles. In practice, when a building no longer economically worthwhile to keep, management can choose whether to have the building controlled by repairs and improvements or demolished to make way for new establishments. In special cases, the building can be preserved as a living relic long after it might have been projected to perish.

In South Fort Myers, demolition of the old Radisson hotel is currently ongoing. The once illustrious hotel, which stands on US-41, just north of College Parkway is being torn down to pave way for new shops and businesses. Aside from the old Radisson hotel, the demolition team is also tearing down the Tiki Bar Restaurant. Southwest Florida, which is the favorite destination of many travelers, is also an excellent place to start a business.  The locality is filled with different activities and amenities that can accommodate people of all ages.

According to Steve Honc, the Vice President of Honc Industries, over the next six weeks the demolition team will try to clear out the whole 5.6-acre site. He said, "Toward the end of the completion of the project, we'll be taking down the five story tower so that will be the exciting part - but no surprises so far." The developer of the Fort Myers property management project, Dan Creighton, would like to stop rumors that LA Fitness would be the new
occupant. According to Creighton, the team is planning to add two national chain restaurants in the location and this will be a first in Lee County. He also said that another tenant is coming, which he has no clue of. The renter will build their first establishment in Southwest Florida. He only hopes that the new building will be started early next year.

Fort Myers, which is located at Lee County, Florida, United States, is also the county seat and commercial center of the said county. It continues to welcome new businesses and supports existing businesses. According to, before starting any business within the city limits, a business tax receipt must be obtained by the entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover, the appropriate business tax must be paid.
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