Council Approves 8-0 Rezoning of Surfside Property

During Monday's regular meeting at City Hall, the Cape Coral City Council approved unanimously the rezoning of a site at 2441 Surfside Boulevard despite protests from the residents living near the area. The rezoning of the Surfside property is a legislative action which went through an intricate process. The controversial Cape Coral property is located near the intersection at Veterans Parkway on the southeast side. It will be not be a residential structure but a new P-1, Professional Office Building will emerge in the area.

The purpose of zoning is to trace particular land uses where they are most suitable, considering public utilities, road access, and the established development pattern.

City staff said that a potential 36,000-square-foot office building could be built there, cattycorner from the Surfside Shopping Center. Since the structure will be a P-1, the building will have limited use. The city staff said that the most commercial development of the building is a coffee shop. Neighbors are afraid that the new structure would cause the roads to be congested at the intersection.

The council approved the development because the land was now sellable and they see that the new structure will benefit the city in the long run. Councilmember Marty McClain said that taking a property and bringing it into compliance makes sense because it will be easier to sell. Also, he believes that Cape Coral need more commercial properties.

Councilmember Kevin McGrail agreed and said."You won't see a large intersection without a huge commercial development."

On the other hand, Bill Indelli, an opponent of the rezoning, said that he did not receive proper notice, just a postcard. Indelli closed on his property in October 2011. He said, "Nobody was aware of what was happening. I bought the property thinking it would stay residential."

Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz said that the property has been foreclosed and is now owned by the bank. For many years it was not rezoned because of the issue. Chulakes-Leetz said, "You hit a donut-hole. If you did research, you would have seen this," He added, "I suggest you settle with the bank because in order for the land to be developed, they need your help."

Councilmember Kevin McGrail warned the people about the land-use changes. It is important that people should be updated with changes of land use. So that in the future, when something is ready to be built, issues will be minimized.
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