Cinematic Amenities Drawing Potential Homeowners to SWFL

It’s not just the property prices and sunshine that are drawing potential homeowners to the many communities located in southwest Florida.  It’s the community theaters situated near these neighborhoods that are catching the attention of buyers to these homes.  For real estate agents, it is one of their major selling points for those who are planning to take up residence.  From condo units to single family homes, there are many commercial places that offer a one of a kind cinematic experience for residents.  It proves to very convenient for homeowners as they do not need to commute or wait in line to watch a movie.

One of these establishments located in Fort Myers is the Paseo.  It has an 86 seat capacity where residents who live in the nearby communities can watch newly released DVDs or view their own movie collection.

The theater offers complimentary popcorn where residents can hold their own private viewing parties and the communities in the area can hold regular movie date nights and movie matinees for the children as well.  The general manager of the theater, Mr. Brian Pelletier has noticed of the Paseo’s popularity that there would be a queue forming outside.

Mr. Pelletier also added that the community has helped the Paseo achieve top theater quality to its facilities.  New amenities like a projector worth $50,000 and a sound system that can rival those of a cineplex have been installed in the Paseo.

Two of the residents who are now regular moviegoers at the Paseo are Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Nina Heether. The couple was not avid moviegoers in the past.  Now, they visit the movie theater every week and enjoy its complimentary popcorn and comfy seats.  Whenever their grandchildren visit, the couple brings them to the Paseo for some personal bonding moments with the children.

Other residents like Laurie Shuss and Lou Cimmino also enjoy watching movies at the Paseo. For Ms. Shuss, she considers the movie theater convenient as they don’t have to drive out to watch a movie.

For Mr. Cimmino, having a movie theater nearby is also convenient especially when he’s expecting guests over.   He also noted the theater’s seating is excellent with great sound and of course, the free popcorn is great. Mr. Cimmino also added the theater was not just used for viewing movies.  During a wedding event at the Paseo, the bride and groom had used the theater to show a collection of childhood photos for their guests.

The Paseo has proven to be worth its weight in gold to the residents of the community and continues to be a wonderful place to share great times with family and friends. So even on those rare occasions when the sun doesn’t shine, there is still the Paseo to that will ensure a good time.
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