Cape Coral Residents Oppose the Construction of New Gas Station

Cape Coral is one of the more popular cities today when it comes to residential homes and business opportunities. The city together with Fort Myers was ranked number 41 as the most searched real estate market in October 2012. Furthermore, Forbes magazine, ranked the area as one of the nation's top job growth leaders. Cape Coral has a beautiful tropical environment and low cost of living that attracts many investors and home buyers.

Although Cape Coral is an excellent place to start a business, there are instances when residents do not agree to certain types of industries being put up in the area, One such example of this is a gas station in a vacant lot on Cape Coral Parkway. Gabrielle Sarann, recently reported in that Cape Coral properties residents vow to fight against a proposed gas station.  The gas station is planned to be built in a cape intersection of Cape Coral Parkway and Skyline Boulevard. Residents are alarmed that it is only a matter of time until a gas station is built in the vacant lot.

Peter Stavrou, a seasonal resident and developer from Canada said, "I don't want the 7-11 and a gas station here because I'll never get a decent night's sleep." Stavrou is living in Skyline Boulevard, just across from the half-acre site. "The traffic in this particular corner, it's asking for disaster," Stavrou said. He added, "Somebody could be absent-minded and just making a turn out, it could happen…T-boned. They're dead."

Sarann’s report also mentioned that in January, the city approved the re-zoning of the property for a convenience store. This decision challenged many residents. Laura McCrae-Ciliano is worried that the new addition would change her neighborhood and turn it into a ghetto. McCrae-Ciliano has lived on SW 11th Place for a decade and she fears for her safety, her children’s and her neighbors’ as well. "We've got a 7-11, Circle K, a BP, a Hess station," said McCrae-Ciliano. "We don't need a gas station here."

On December 10 at 5 p.m, the city had an appeals hearing.  The hearing discussed issues concerning the proposed business on Cape Coral property and other important matters concerning the new establishment and how it would affect the whole neighborhood.
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