Cape Coral Rental Management: How Do I Fix Problem Tenants?

Everything was going great and then all of the sudden rents started arriving later and later and the excuses kept mounting...

We hear this story all the time about problem tenants. I had the best tenants in the world and now they won't return my calls and I think I'm getting lied to and don't know how to proceed.  The same challenged economy that provided you this fantastic opportunity to purchase rental income properties in SWFL also makes life hard for many families just trying to make it.

Sudden unemployment can put most families over the brink financially very quickly making it impossible to pay rent on time or at all. As a full service Cape Coral Rental Management firm, we are often asked to step in and take over properties for owners who now find themselves in over their head. The key to mitigating your losses from a bad situation is timely notice delivery and making sure all legal docs are filed correctly.

An eviction in Lee County takes just under one month to go from initial thee-day notice through to a writ of possession IF there are no mistakes causing the process to start over both in terms of timeline AND filing fees (roughly $400 from start to finish). You don't want to waste more time on lost rents and filing fees than you have to... Contact Carney Properties & Investment Group to help you immediately so you can begin cash flowing again soon!
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