Cape Coral Recovering From Recession

According to, five years ago, Cape Coral was one of the hardest hit areas of the recession. There were small businesses owners who were forced to close their doors as foreclosure rates skyrocketed and home values dropped radically. Dana Brunett, director of Cape Coral Community Development said, “People were worried about their houses and they spent less money on going out. You had a loss of jobs and businesses." Rental agencies, property owners and Cape Coral property management companies thrive during recession because this is the time when renting is likely to become a more appealing option for people.

After years of struggling financially, it looks like Southwest Florida real estate market is finally recovering as dozens of small businesses and realtors met to show the community that businesses and the realty market is looking stronger than ever. According to real estate experts, water front properties are the best selling estates these days. There are also new investors in the area like Wade Helm and his partners. They started On Track Doors Inc., a business that is devoted to all things garage doors. Hopefully, things will go smoothly for Cape Coral and other areas in South West Florida as new investors that seek businesses grow in numbers.
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