Cape Coral Real Estate Listings are Attracting Retirees

One of the cities in FL. that is attracting the attention of not only investors and tourists, but also retirees is Cape Coral.  This city is hailed as the “Waterfront Wonderland” with its many canals and different water filled activities that can entertain both holiday makers and retirees who have become residents in this master planned seaside community. Being included in Forbes lists of best places to retire for the last two years, the new or soon to be retired are flocking to look into Cape Coral properties trying to get in on the incredible deals that flood the area while the market remains in favor of buyers. Why the major interest in Cape Coral? Here’s a short list of amenities.
Low cost of living- With a cost of living index of 96, this city has one of the lowest costs of living than any other cities in the country.  Its cost of living is considered 2.30% lower than the U.S. average.  This would mean a great deal to retirees who are on a fixed income and depend solely on their monthly pension for their day to day existence.  With this, people who intend to retire in this community are assured of being able to enjoy their retirement without the extra costs.
Warm climate throughout the year – Another reason retirees are taking a keen interest is Cape Coral is the city’s warm climate throughout the year. There is an average of 355 days of sunshine Cape Coral experiences every year.  During winter, it’s still dry with moderate temperatures and makes getting out and about all year long a huge incentive for not only retirees but anyone that enjoys a warmer climate.

A different diversion for the elderly residents - Cape Coral has many diversions to offer its residents especially those that would involve water.  However for elderly residents that may not want to take to the water except for perhaps fishing and boating,  there are a multitude of other activities to enjoy such as gardening, a visit to the local farmers market, arts, crafts, yoga, galleries and shopping. Cape Coral also has the best golf courses where residents can choose from public, semi-private or even private fairways.

No State Income Tax – The headline speaks for itself. With many retirees having a fixed income, every dollar counts, and if they need a small side job to make some extra cash they can rest assured there will be no state income tax to pay. Is this necessary to add to why retirees flock just to Cape Coral? Well no, it applies to any area within Florida but it’s definitely worth a mention!

With its 2 year running “25 Best Places to Retire” status, low cost of living, beautiful climate, activities galore and of course, no state tax, Cape Coral real estate listings continue to be sought after by not only soon to be retirees but anyone looking for this type of lifestyle within the sunshine state. Opportunity to own a piece of the sunshine is there, and at bargain prices too!

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