Cape Coral Property Management: Section 8 Pros and Cons

After thoroughly evaluating all the consequences of engaging into rentals, SWFL rentals companies are deciding whether to allow renting to Section 8 tenants. This is one of the main issues that Cape Coral property management companies have to deal with and carefully evaluate. When evaluating whether to engage in Section 8 rentals, Cape Coral property management companies are considering the following pros and cons:


Income from Section 8 rentals is more guaranteed than in any other tenants because of government subsidies. The income from the Section 8 tenants is one of the most trustworthy. This is because US government shoulders 50-70% of the Section 8 rentals and the payment is directly delivered to the landlord.
Section 8 tenants may fix continuing vacancy issues since the landlords and property managers have access to specific demographics. There are thousands of Section 8 tenant families on the waiting list. Therefore, Section 8 tenants can fill in house vacancies. These tenants may be the top solution to generate more rental income.


Allowing Section 8 tenants means frequent inspection due to government rules and regulations. Remember that before you engage into Section 8 rentals, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will determine the unit’s Fair Market Rent. And if the FMR is already identified, the management is already responsible to cap Section 8 unit’s rental fee at that rate. Also, the management could no longer receive outside fees that will make the rent exceed the FMR. Moreover, properties rented to Section 8 tenants are put into a full premises inspection to meet HUD’s Housing Quality Standards and HUD-mandated expulsion terms and conditions.

Section 8-rented properties may discourage other people to rent. Many people generalized Section 8 tenants to be undesirable neighbors and properties catering these tenants are thought to be an awful place to live in. But this isn’t true to all properties; this only depends on how the Cape Coral property management team runs the business. This consequence can be masked out if the management will properly take care of the properties.

The management has to exert more effort than the usual to make sure the property will still entice other tenants to rent. Maintenance and renovations should be regularly monitored. Moreover, the property should be aesthetically pleasing with and the rules and policies should be tightly imposed.
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