Cape Coral Foreclosures: What to Expect When Inspecting

Buying foreclosures in Southwest Florida can feel like a complex business venture when not educated on what to expect.  When potential real estate investors research these properties carefully, it will result in a profitable gain for them.  However, should they buy haphazardly without looking into each home they intend to place an offer on; it can have a negative effect on their finances.  Here are some scenarios as to what investors may run into when buying foreclosed properties.

Unwanted guests in the property - For some foreclosed Cape Coral homes, there may be signs that unwanted guests such as rats, squirrels and other wild animals may have taken up residence in their home as these properties may have been uninhabited for some time.  Signs of these would be chewed boards or droppings in the home.  If these are evident in the home, then it would be best to call a pest control company to have this issue resolved.

Signs of neglect and vandalism – Cape Coral foreclosures, while the financial gain can be incredible, look for signs of neglect and sometimes even vandalism and assess the extent of the damage and how much it would cost to repair and replace before placing an offer.  Dirty floors and surroundings, strong smells of mildew and pet or animal urine or feces are all possible findings in a home that has been through a foreclosure. If these things are encountered, investors shouldn’t lose hope as the property can still be cleaned and repaired to make it ready for occupancy, the decision lies in whether or not due to the extent of damage is it worth it.

Mixing fixtures and other non-working utilities – Sometimes a previous owner or tenant may remove or destroy fixtures of the home they resided in before the home was taken by the financial institution.  These items can be repaired and replaced to working condition.

For Cape Coral foreclosures as well as any foreclosed property, expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst before looking into these types of properties. Have a professional inspector as well as a contractor with you during your viewing of the home and don’t get discouraged if a property appears to have a lot of work ahead of it in order for it to be inhabitable again. Just make sure whatever work needs to be done on the property does not hurt your chances for profit and estimate the amount it will cost ahead of time to bring the property back to its original luster.
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