Buying Luxury Homes In Florida - What To Watch Out For?

Browsing the Internet or speaking with a real estate agent in Cape Coral or Bonita Springs, you will find an array of luxury Southwest Florida real estate available at amazing prices. There are  a few things you would and need to watch out for or be aware of when buying luxury homes in Florida and we will address them below.

For a start those who are buying a home in Florida need to keep in mind that they may need or want additional insurance to protect their investment. If a mortgage loan is be required looking into acquiring flood and wind/storm insurance coverage would be a good idea. Taking the time to talk to an insurance agent first can save you thousands in discounts.

While Chinese drywall is normally an issue associated with lower end homes you still want to make sure that you avoid buying any luxury homes in Florida that have or have had Chinese drywall. Despite some efforts to remove it, the EPA has confirmed that the toxicity becomes entrenched in all areas of the building and it may never be safe. Look for luxury homes in Florida from reputable firms like Carney Properties & Investment Group in Cape Coral who refuse to associate themselves with homes that have Chinese drywall.

When looking at luxury homes in Florida do keep in mind that just because it carries a high price tag, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is good quality built home. Regardless of the age of a home you should have a home inspection done. The last thing you want is to buy a new luxury home just to come to find out it has a critical leak or structural issue that could destroy the home and result in losing your investment.

This applies equally to brand new homes as it does older homes. While building a home in the current market is far more expensive than buying an existing home, you will still find an array of incredible deals from newly renovated luxury homes in SW Florida that are in better than new condition and are finished to an extremely high level of quality.

Many buyers of luxury homes in Florida are looking for waterfront property so that they can enjoy not only watching the water flow buy but get out in their own boats as well. If this is you make sure that you talk to a professional to learn more about the area and how the number of feet of waterfront can affect the value of luxury homes in Florida as well as how different canals and bridges can affect your investment and the size of boat that you can have.

Before you start your real estate search, read What You Need to Know about Chinese Drywall and find out if it really poses a concern especially to first time home buyers.
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