Buying Foreclosure Auction Properties vs REO Properties

Engaging in a business to harvest the fruit of your labor is one thing; deciding for a better and wise way to do it is another. Competing in the world of business is getting tougher and tougher, so it pays to resort to an approach where you can grab the hottest and best deals to turn your hard earned money into more and have it work for itself. Investing in real estate is becoming mainstream to the world of investment platforms. Invest in a home you would want to live in yourself and find a great place where you can gain the most ROI. One way to do this is to find foreclosed properties, and Cape Coral foreclosures will be a wise place to concentrate.

Remember that when you venture into this trade, it would either mean taking risks or reaping a profitable fruit. Because buying a house is not an easy decision to make, you should condition yourself well for this big leap. Choosing between foreclosure auction properties vs REO properties (real estate owned)it’s important to know which investment is appropriate for you. These kinds of properties require repairs and some renovations due to the lack of maintenance and that will weigh heavily on your overall profit.

To break down the difference of foreclosure auction properties vs REO properties, we should take a look into the processes and understand what kind of venture you are risking yourself to. Foreclosure auction properties usually need substantial repairs to return them to livable condition. REO properties on the other hand, are properties repossessed by banks because of foreclosures.

In a foreclosure auction process, the houses will be habitually put up in an auction by the bank. If you plan on getting in Cape Coral foreclosures, you should be geared up of all the information you might need. We should understand the risks before choosing between foreclosed and REO properties.

One of the risks when we choose foreclosure auctions is the possibility that the current owners are still living in the house so the responsibility of having them evicted is on you. You can offer the current residents “Cash-for-Keys” where they would pack-up and leave in exchange of the ownership. Coming up with cash and required deposit is also important with Cape Coral foreclosures process, and note – these are not refundable.

REO properties are less complex than foreclosure auction properties. Buyers are sure that the property we are investing on has a clean title at closing. Since REO properties are the ones that are left behind in an auction, the bank might sell these at any reasonable offer just to dispose them. These real estate properties are already free on any liens so this is a good thing for the buyers. Unlike foreclosed properties in auction, the banks already have evicted the tenant and did some repairs. Some of the benefits that the bank might have already done before your purchase are removal of IRS tax liens and paying HOA dues.

Those are just some of the things that you need to know before you go for it. Always keep in mind that whenever you make an offer, may it be buying foreclosure auction or REO properties, make sure that you pay for a fair price and surround yourself with someone knowledgeable in these areas first! Contact us for further questions.
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