Approved Accessory Structure Defined By Cape Coral Planning and Zoning Commission

Are you thinking of building an accessory structure like a pool house or an extra garage in your home? Most of the time, a building permit is necessary to build an accessory structure on a property. These include detached carport, garage, pool house, etc. Furthermore, an accessory building may not be positioned in any front yard. In Southwest Florida Real Estate, the Cape Coral Planning and Zoning Commission gave its approval recently to an ordinance that amended the land use and development regulations concerning accessory structures. The regulation explains further what an approved structure is.

According to Chuck Ballaro of Cape Coral Daily Breeze, the City Council approves the measure, Section 3.1 of the city's land use and development regulations will add a paragraph that will define approved accessory structures. At present, the approved accessory structures are limited to garages, satellite antennas, sun shelters, gazebos, sheds, playhouses and recreational facilities.

Development Management Team coordinator, Mike Struve, said in a statement that the revision in the ordinance will "provide uniformity in permitted structures, assist in promoting compatibility, protect property values and eliminate confusion on the types of structures allowed."

To prevent further debate and to improve Cape Coral property management, the commission in charge explains the fine line between approved and unapproved would lie. P&Z liaison, Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz asked if a greenhouse is a yes or a no. Struve answered that if the greenhouse is integrated into the home, then yes. On the other hand, it could not be a separate structure, nor could another permit for a special exception.

Another question was raised by Patti Martin, the P&Z chairwoman. Martin asked about unattached garages and what represents a "sun shelter." Struve answered that it is permissible to have a garage attached.  A sun shelter is defined as a thatched roof without side walls. The regulation passed 5-0.

In certain businesses, the commission passed a resolution 4-1, which allow for a special exception to manage a model home at 2527 Chiquita Blvd. With the staff recommendation, the vote was continued from. Martin, on the other hand, opposed the measure. She opposed model homes, or any homes, on Chiquita.

Furthermore, the commission voted 4-1 to permit for a pan roof screen enclosure to stay as is as a home in the 500 block of Southeast 6th Terrace, with Commissioner Max Forge opposing. When it comes to the deviation for the use of two boat canopies at a home at 1412 Windsor Court, and a deviation to allow for 20 feet of projection for a boat dock on a property at 5418 Coronado Parkway, the commission approved unanimously.
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