Apartment Markets in Fort Myers and Naples Boasts 93.7% Occupancy Rate

Naples and Fort Myers are located on the Gulf of Mexico, where the beautiful white sand beaches are mostly found. The various beaches and beach parks go for a 10 mile stretch. In 2005, Naples was named by Travel channel as having the best beach in America. The area is also known as the golf capital of the world because they have several golf courses within the area. Furthermore, people who like sports can readily see the Boston Red Sox play or the Minnesota Twins train. This is one of the best places to be for sports aficionado.

Naples and Fort Myers Waterfront Real Estate properties, especially apartment spaces have ranked consistently among the highest tertiary markets in the country. According to Jay Parsons of MPF Research, in 2011, the South West Florida area is one of Florida’s top markets despite the weak national economy. During the first quarter of 2012, South West Florida snapshot revealed that in Fort Myers and Naples, occupancy rate is at 93.7 percent, with an annual rent change of +5.3 percent. These are excellent figures.

Many are hopeful that Naples and Fort Myers will continue to have a steady real estate market in the coming year. On the other hand, a weak economy and a growing shadow market suggest that apartment revenue growth levels will likely cool off. Possible reasons are the low employment rate in the area and the great number of distressed homes and condominiums that provide limited pool for renters.Although, the rate of employment in this area is still trying to recoup in Naples and Fort Myers, new construction businesses and the developed offices are ongoing. Alice M. Shown, a real estate expert said that the new businesses will provide an astonishing 27% increase in recruitment at all levels. Hopefully, many investors will see the possibilities of starting their business in Naples and Fort Myers because these two are really the best places to venture in.
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