A Closer Look at the Cape Coral Real Estate Market

There is chatter in the real estate industry and reports to back the claims that there are signs indicating the real estate market is starting to recover. Such signs include rising pending home sales, low mortgage rates, housing affordability and home inventory. But according to Barbara Bogaev, host of APM’s news and culture magazine, Weekend America and the weekly national documentary series, it is not easy to tell if the real estate market is indeed recovering because even during the housing crisis the real estate is still all about location.

For example, presently, Cape Coral is receiving positive remarks and investors are coming in especially international buyers. Although foreclosure rate in Southwest Florida is still one of the highest in the list, people consider this an excellent place to retire or to own a vacation home. Based on reports, Cape Coral had the most permits issued in a single month since June of 2007. The area issued 56 permits just last month, which is up from 17 in January and 21 in February 2012.

Aside from Cape Coral, other areas in Florida that saw increases are Fort Myers and Bonita Springs. In February, Fort Myers had 44 permits, which is an increase from 36 in January and 35 in February 2012. Bonita Springs, on the other hand, had 35 permits for February, which is again an increase from 17 in January and 13 from February 2012.

Real estate experts continue to be optimistic about the future of the market in Florida because no matter what happens people still love to travel and move to the Sunshine State. It has the most wonderful beaches and a Mediterranean weather pattern that are highly sought after commodities when looking for a place to live, invest or vacation to.
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