Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida is situated at the south west gulf coast of the United States. It is known for having stunning beaches such as Naples Municipal Beach & Pier, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel Lighthouse Beach, Captiva Beach and many more. It is also home to many waterfront and beach side real estate properties. Southwest Florida features thousands of islands, spectacular golf-courses, long canals, world-class shopping, various attractions and a lot more.



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Southwest Florida has a tropical climate with dry winters. In a span of a year, the temperature hovers between 54°F (12°C) to 91°F (33°C). There are instances when the temperature would fall down to 41°F (5°C) and would climb up to over 100°F (38°C).

The warm season starts in May and ends at the first week of October. The average temperature for this season is 88°F.

The cold season starts in December and lasts up to the last week of February. The average temperature during this season is 77°F, but it can go as low as 54°F.


The data below is taken from the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council (SWFRPC). You can visit their website for the complete detailed information.

Here is the breakdown:
Sarasota County: 414,565
Lee County: 691,079
Hendry County: 43,238
Glades County: 11,599
Charlotte County: 176,404
Collier Country: 365,733

Property Tax Rate

Below is the formula for property tax rate in Florida:

Just Value – Assessment Limits = Assessed Value
Assessed Value – Exemptions = Taxable Value
Taxable Value X Millage Rate = Total Tax Liability

Just Value - This value is determined by the local property appraiser.

Assessment Limits – These include “Save Our Homes”, Disability Income Limitations, Cost of Living Adjustments, etc. (Read more here)

Exemptions – There are several tax exemptions in Florida. These include active duty military and veterans, property tax benefits for persons 65 or older, surviving spouses of first responders and many more. (Read the complete list here)

Millage Rate – This is the tax rate per thousand dollars of the taxable value.

For example: Let us assume that the home has a value of $200,000, an accumulated $30,000 in Save Our Homes (SOH) protections, and a homestead exemption of $20,000 plus $25,000 on non-school taxes. The millage rate is 1.1800.


$200,000 (Just Value) - $30,000 (Assessment Limits) = $170,000 (Assessed Value)
$170,000 (Assessed Value) - $20,000 (Exemptions) = $150,000 (Taxable Value)
$150,000 (Taxable Value) x 0.001800 (Millage 1.18/1000) = $270 (Tax Liability)

Household Income

This is the household income breakdown for Southwest Florida (Source: Southwest Florida Economic Development Alliance):

Mean and Median Household Income
County Mean Median
Southwest Florida $74,412 $50,469
Collier $94,212 $56,876
Charlotte $58,833 $45,112
Hendry $48,507 $37,989
Glades $55,947 $44,275
Lee $70,175 $49,444

Carney Properties

With over 3,000 homes sold, the name Carney has become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship among real estate agents since 1999. Today, Carney continues to raise the bar and has grown to include Carney Realty & Associates, Inc (handling both Real Estate Sales, Listings and Property Management), and Carney Quality Construction. 

Carney Homes

Carney Homes are the finest homes available at various prices. A property can only be designated a Carney Home if it meets the highest of standards and has been personally inspected for quality and finish by John Carney. Each and every home has a unique personality, and is renovated by licensed contractors with perfection in mind. Take one step inside a Carney Home, and you will understand our recent buyers' raving praises and learn why we call these homes “Better Than New!”

Waterfront Homes in Cape Coral

A waterfront home is located in front of a body of water. It is either a lake, river, or canal. There are 400 canal systems that have access to the Gulf of Mexico, and Parks and Recreation Department. These systems provide residents a luxurious waterfront living and maintains fifteen public boat launching facilities which includes five paved and ten non-paved ramps.


These are houses placed side-by-side, with walls shared between adjacent homes. These houses are built with more square footage than condos. The average size of a single townhouse is 2,200 square feet. That is a footprint of about 30'x35' per home.

Renovated Homes

These are homes that have undergone remodeling to improve an outdated structure or to fix damaged parts. Renovated homes are more comfortable and valuable than their old versions. These homes also have more livability and sustainability than before.

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